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Care Guidelines For Your Products

When making your luxury items in our Man Gun Bear workshop we take the greatest care to ensure they look just as awesome as you were expecting. The materials we use are of premium quality and so to keep them looking and working their best they require some specialist care from time to time. 

We want your Man Gun Bear products to look just as great in five years' time as they did when they left our workshop, so we've put together some helpful guidelines for your product care.


At Man Gun Bear, leather is one of our most used materials and it is a key component in the manufacturing of our luxury men's accessories. All of our leather products are made using the best quality UK cowhide, which is also a by-product of the food, drink and dairy industry, and we pride ourselves on our ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability.

The leather we use in our products is soft and supple from the first use, while also being durable. However, to ensure it remains long lasting and in the best condition your leather products will need some TLC every now and again. Much like us, our leather products will age better if they have been well looked after!

Leather contains a number of natural oils but some of these oils can get lost in production after the leather has been cut, shaped and assembled, meaning they will need to be replenished. This is dependent on how the leather item is used, for example a leather wallet that is handled regularly will absorb oil from the skin and will last longer before needing to be conditioned, whereas a less frequently used item may begin to feel stiff quicker. If your goods get wet this can also cause the leather to dry out.

Caring for you Man Gun Bear product is simple and won't take you too long. All you will need is some leather wax conditioner and a soft cloth.

  • First, apply a very light coat of conditioner with the cloth or your fingers to the smooth side of the leather and gently rub in a circular motion, making sure to reach all creases.
  • Leave your leather to absorb all of the conditioner - this can take between five and twenty minutes, or longer if a heavy coating was applied. 
  • Once dried, buff with the soft cloth until your leather has a desired shine.

We recommend repeating the process around every six months, or whenever it begins to feel a bit dried out. Your Man Gun Bear products will last longer if they are properly cared for, and with a bit of gentle conditioning, we're sure you'll be able to treasure them for years to come.

Stainless Steel

Aside from leather, stainless steel is one of our most popular materials in the Man Gun Bear product range. Whether it's for a pair of cufflinks or a personalised beard comb, this hard wearing metal really does the job. 

Stainless steel contains chromium which prevents it from rusting or tarnishing, meaning it doesn't need a great deal of upkeep unlike some metals, but don't be mislead by the name - stainless steel isn't completely stain-proof and it can gather dirt over time. 

Fear not, however, because keeping your stainless steel items looking tip top is really easy and you'll only have to clean them if they look in need of a spruce up. 

  • Use a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, and a gentle soap or detergent to clean away any dust or dirt from you stainless steel items. 
  • Make sure to clean along the grain of the metal, not against it, as this will prevent scratches appearing on the surface. 
  • Avoid soaking in water for very long and when finished, dry with a soft towel to prevent water spots.

There are some products available on the market to polish stainless steel, however we would recommend that you avoid these as a rule to prevent damage to any other materials used to make our products - our the wooden surface of some of our cufflinks for example. Never use silver polish to clean stainless steel and be wary of using toothpaste as some websites recommend. Toothpaste can be abrasive, but if you do choose to use it as a metal cleaner, make sure it's not a tooth whitening product and does not contain silica. 

Make sure you store your Man Gun Bear stainless steel items away from other metals to avoid scratching or other damage to them, and you should be good to go! 


Brass offers a timeless aesthetic and an element of luxury to all giftable products. It is necessary however, to polish un-lacquered brass to maintain its brilliance and high gloss look. Alternatively, an aged/antique feel will be achieved if left to tarnish which can have equal appeal.

The tarnish is caused by oxidation which is actually a reaction to prevent further corrosion, this can be removed when cleaned with any high quality polish. Oxidation occurs when the item is regularly handled. All Man Gun Bear brass items are un-lacquered, you can either watch our Metal Accessories Care video or follow the few simple tips below:

  • Buy the best metal polish available to you. We would recommend Brasso but any high quality polish will be suitable to achieve a rich patina on the brass.
  • Use an oldsoft cotton T-shirt or similar to apply the polish and follow the directions on the bottle.
  • Buff dry with a clean cloth after application, again using an old soft cotton T-shirt as brass is soft and will scratch.
  • To remove candle wax or any other , soften accumulated wax with hot tap water, remove the wax with a soft sponge, cloth, or fingernail, and clean with warm soapy water.

We would recommend carrying out this process 3-4 times per year. 

We do offer stainless steel and aluminium bronze as alternative materials which do not tarnish as readily, however brass is still an extremely popular choice despite the maintenance involved. Most people will agree it's a small inconvenience to pay for the pleasure of owning solid brass items.


Wood is one of our favourite natural products to work with, walnut being a particular favourite in the Man Gun Bear range. As a natural product, wood can begin to look a little tired without the correct nourishment, so occasional product care is necessary.

All of our wood items are given an oil treatment before they leave our workshop to ensure they’re looking their best when they reach you, and they won’t need attention until they begin to dry out.

We use Danish oil to treat our wooden products but olive oil or melted coconut oil will work just as well as a pick-me-up!

  • Oil is best applied directly to the wood with a lint-free cloth – an old, clean t-shirt would work well. Apply generously to the wood, rubbing in a circular motion until the wood stops absorbing the oil.
  • Allow the oil to soak into the surface for 10-20 minutes then wipe away the excess with a cloth in the direction of the grain.
  • Let the wood dry for at least six hours, or preferably overnight, at room temperature and not in direct sunlight.

You should only need to treat your wood products once every six months to a year, or longer if they’re still in a well-nourished condition.

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